Adoptable Dogs

We work hard with every dog that comes through our doors, however, not every dog can be or wants to be a Service Dog.  If we have any dogs that have chosen to change careers and become wonderful pet dogs, they will be listed on this page.  Depending on the dog's training, breeding and reason for being released, their adoption fee will vary.  We do home visits and reference checks to ensure each dog finds a loving forever home.  In order to adopt, you must come to our facility in Deland, FL.  We do not ship dogs.

List of Dogs Available for Adoption:

Name: Simon

Breed: Labrador Retriever

Birthday: 08/29/2019

Weight: 13lbs (and growing)

Sex: Male

Adoption Fee: $1,500

Simon is a puppy from our "S" litter.  We simply do not have enough room to keep all of them.  He is one of the smaller puppies in the litter and loves to be cuddled. He has had early neurological stimulation and has been raised with Puppy Culture.  He is sleeping in a crate at night with his siblings for 8 hours with no accidents.  He is learning to walk on leash, sit and down.  He has had his first DHPP vaccine. 

He currently has one descended testicle but that could change as he gets older.  Simon will be required to be neutered before the age of 2.

Parents were genetically tested for the top 9 Labrador diseases and the puppies are clear by parentage for 7 of the 9, and possible carriers for 2 of the 9.  Their mom was PennHip Tested at R .48 and L .39 and their dad at R .39 and L .35.  Both parents passed their yearly heart screening.  Mom is about 61lbs and dad is about 70lbs so Simon will most likely be a shorter, stockier lab. 

If you are interested in any of the above dogs please contact our office

My Angel With Paws is a 501(c)3 Nonprofit Organization based in Deland, FL

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