Closing Frequently Asked Questions

1. I was on your waitlist. What does this mean for me?

We are no longer able to train or place any service dogs. No more litters will be trained, and the existing roster of dogs have been placed.

2. Are there any dogs available for adoption?

We are happy to announce that through our network of volunteers and friends of MAWP, all dogs in training have been placed in loving homes. 

3. Can you still train my own dog as a service dog?

Unfortunately, MAWP is closing entirely. We are no longer able to offer owner trainer services on any level.

4. I'm a MAWP client. Does this mean my dog is no longer a service dog?

You and your dog are still a Service Dog Team! You do not have to have an agency backing you. The law does not require a “license” or a “badge” to confirm your status. Know the law.

Remember that task training and behavior is what sets your dog apart from a pet. Your dog should always be able to pass the Public Access Test, which has been emailed to all of you.

5. I had a donation set up through Amazon Smile or another outlet. What should I do?

Thank you for your past support! We will no longer be able to accept those contributions once our 501(c)3 status officially lapses. Please redirect your donation to another cause.

6. Is this permanent? Can't we do a fundraiser or something to get MAWP back on its feet?

As much as we'd all like that, it's not an option at this time. Many factors went into the decision to close MAWP. Funds were definitely an issue, but there are structural issues related to the extended Coronavirus pandemic that make it extremely difficult to run an all-volunteer organization without putting our medically-sensitive community of clients at risk. 

7. Where can I go for a service dog now?

Florida (and the US in general) have many service dog organizations available. Do your research and find one that fits your needs. As an alternative you can find an independent dog trainer who can help you train a dog to pass the Canine Good Citizenship and Public Access Tests, plus learn disability-specific tasks. 

8. Can I get a donation back?

All donated funds and supplies have been used with gratitude. You are still eligible for any tax credit you were given for those donations. 

9. What if I need help with an access challenge? Who do I call now?

You do not need to be backed by an agency to have a legal service dog. It's best practices to keep the following documents in a small pouch or folder with you as you go about with your service dog: a "prescription letter" from your medical provider, a copy of your dog's vaccinations, and a copy of your state and federal service animal laws. 


If you are challenged, follow the instructions you were given during partner training. If you are barred access you can still seek civil redress without MAWP's intervention. 

10. What if I still need to reach MAWP for something?

Existing clients have access to a support community through their email and our closed social media group. For everyone else, unfortunately there will be no one to reach as the Board is dissolving.

Thank you to everyone for your years of support and friendship, and for your understanding in this difficult time. This page will remain up through the month of June, then will be taken down.

My Angel With Paws is a 501(c)3 Nonprofit Organization based in Deland, FL

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