Join the My Angel With Paws Family

My Angel With Paws is a 100% volunteer based organization. We rely on people like you to keep running.  Volunteering with us becomes so much more than just giving your time. You are not only supporting your community, you're becoming part of the My Angel With Paws family and embracing our mission.


Because everything at MAWP is run by volunteers, there are a lot of opportunities to help.





Grants and Fundraising - Locating and applying for grants and fundraising opportunities for My Angel With Paws.



Research and Acquisition - Locating, contacting and acquiring “in kind” donations for My Angel With Paws.



Event Committee - Assisting with setup for events, manning booths.



Creative Committee - Creating and maintaining the outstanding presentation of My Angel With Paws which can include sewing, painting, light construction etc.



Facility Maintenance - Keep our facility clean and looking sharp, can include mowing, weed eating, painting, pruning etc.



Puppy Raising and Training - Our puppy raiser/trainer volunteers take Angels in training into their homes and hearts for approximately 2 years during which time they oversee their training, socialization and development. My Angel With Paws puppy classes will teach you how to guide your Angel in training toward their full potential by teaching animal psychology and behavior, as well as basic obedience and service dog skills.



Weekend Puppy Host Families - Our Weekend Host Families provide a critical service for our Angels living at the facility by providing continued home experience and socialization. This program can be a perfect fit for those who want to help but don't want the full time responsibility of raising a puppy. 









My Angel With Paws is a 501(c)3 Nonprofit Organization based in Deland, FL

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